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Activity on the Fields this week

We have all noticed a lot of activity on and surrounding the fields this week. Naturally this has caused a large amount of concern for residents.

After a number of emails with the land owners they have given me the following statement.

"Soil sampling is being undertaken as part of Compass Park's continued promotion in the stalled Hertsmere Local Plan. In a couple of weeks the farm contractor will be back to sow an Autumn crop for harvesting in Summer 2023."

I have also been informed that Centrix Energy Partners have been surveying the fields. A workman commented that they are 'marking out the gas mains'. This is the reason little flags have been erected in the fields.

There has also been surveyors seen on the roads surrounding the fields and on Finch Lane. One of the surveyors confirmed that they have been instructed to carry out an update to the survey last done 14 years ago on the roads surrounding the fields. One of them actually said "for the house builders" to my son whilst he was on his way home from school this afternoon.

Whilst the land owners are stating that they are continuing to carry out the relevant checks and surveys on the land for it to be included in the next draft local plan, we need to be vigilant and keep the momentum going in our community to fight and make our objections clear at a later date.

I will of course continue to provide further updates as and when I receive them.

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