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Update - January 2024

Happy New Year.

I have recently met with the land manager for an update on upcoming works to the fields. They plan to top the grass and remove some of the very small trees in the nature reserve area of the fields, the area between Little Bushey lane and Sutcliffe Close. They are hoping to do this in February. They will then be fencing the area off, probably in March, prior to cattle being introduced. Apparently there was a dropped kerb on Gedes Close which they are trying to reintroduce for access.  

The footpath on Little Bushey Lane as you approach Sandy Lane, behind this area, has become more and more overgrown. Whilst this is the responsibility of Hertfordshire County Council, they have agreed to trim the overgrown vegetation on both sides meaning the roadside footpath will be safer and easier to walk along.

We also discussed the fencing behind the shops on Bournehall Avenue which has been cut down on several occasions. They will be reinstating the fencing but re waiting for the Trust to confirm if it will be in a similar style or something more indestructible. There reasons for concern are due to the motorbikes that have previously accessed the land and they are concerned for peoples safety when the fields are being sown, sprayed or harvested whilst large machinery is being used and chemicals are being sprayed.

I will write a further update when I receive any more news.

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