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Stunning From The Ground, Spectacular From The Sky

We have all been devastated to see the fields being ploughed for the first time in decades this week. A local resident has taken some video footage from the air to show how they look now compared to what we have all enjoyed over the years. It was upsetting for everyone to see what was unspoilt green belt land housing so much wildlife ploughed up and effectively turned into fields of mud.

The Masonic Charitable Foundation has released a statement as follows.

The Masonic Charitable Foundation (MCF) can confirm land was sprayed off at Little Bushey Lane as part of normal crop rotation and land management practices.

The land is in the process of being ploughed, and will then be sown with a crop for harvesting in 2022, and sale into the food chain.

The land at Little Bushey Lane has been identified in the Hertsmere Local Plan as a possible location for new development, but until the Local Plan is finalised the Masonic Charitable Foundation will continue to farm the land.

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Is the Masonic foundation aware of what their decision to plough is causing to wildlife?


Such a wicked shame to destroy all that green space will wait in anticipation to see if it is used for crops very much doubt it !!!!

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